Monday, June 6, 2011

Fragments of goodness

1. I was on my way by bus. When the bus stopped at a bus-stop on the way, the driver announced on the speaker, "Thank you for boarding our bus. Please be careful when you step off the bus." A very old man was getting off. In Japan, when a person wants to get off, s/he has to press a button, keep sitting till the bus stops, then walk down the aisle and get off the bus after paying the fare.
※(Some buses take the fare in advance when the rate is fixed whatever distance one travels)

2. I had given some clothes to the laundry for cleaning. When I went to collect them, one of my shirts was missing and I was given some other shirt by mistake. It was the first time that such a thing happenned to me in this country (where mistakes seldom occur due to the care taken at work, and attention is given to the smallest detail). The attendant searched the entire shop and then called the washing factory after I pointed out that it was not my shirt. They checked the number of the shop sticker tag and realized they had made a mistake. Then after profound appologies, I was given a coupon to be able to get my clothes washed at half the price next time. They also delivered the shirt to my doorstep by evening of the same day, the delivery man also appologizing profusely!

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  1. Japan is a nation full of cultured people... and so this is not surprising. I guess.

    I too had a similar experience a while back with one of the well-known laundry chains here in namma Bengaluru. Unlike in Japan, clothes getting lost/misplaced is the norm here.

    When I pointed out that the formal white shirt does not belong to me and my new bed sheet was missing from the bunch they had delivered... there were certainly no apologies and no search was ever undertaken. Without batting an eyelid they offered to give me some other shirt and bed sheet... belonging to someone else of course.

    P.S. The less said about the buses the better...