Sunday, November 22, 2009

Green Coconuts Are Good for You

I have always loved green coconuts. Wherever I go, I try to find guavas and green coconuts for personal consumption. Hence I have met many types of green coconut sellers. Some who haggle over money, others who try and dupe you into having a coconut without much contents inside, etc etc. But this one is different. He asks me what I want. One with less water and more jelly like pulp (later hardens to form mature coconuts), or one with only tender water and no pulp. Every morning he greets me with his toothy smile whether I buy his green coconuts or not. One day, when he had made a rare mistake – it turned out that the green coconut he gave me neither had much water nor any pulp – and I was thinking of haggling over the price, he was already at chopping off one end of another coconut, preparing it for consumption. Now, he doesn’t speak much, so he quietly handed it over to me, pushing it into my hand. I realized that he was embarrassed at having given me the earlier coconut. This good Samaritan is a poor man who wears the same torn shirt every day and yet I was amazed at his honesty in this big city where so many others would have no scruples cheating you at the slightest opportunity. I was reminded of shop attendants at big malls and small shops who insult you if you just look at some item for too long. And here was a man who lets me stand there and choose my coconut, and even offers truthful suggestions helping me to take exactly what I want. I wish there were more people like him around. I am willing to pay more for his goods than he asks for. Alas, he does not accept such offers.

Green coconuts are good for you, your digestion and overall health. Have one everyday.