Tuesday, March 5, 2013

(Re-) Kindle The Passion!

Kindle Paperwhite is a wonderful invention by Amazon. It has the potential to change the lives of reading enthusiasts all over the world. Of course, at present I mean to say that this potential could be something wonderful. 

I live at a place where English books are hard to come by, or, are quite expensive, even if bought on the internet. I could not even imagine procuring books in Bengali, my mother tongue, had it not been for Kindle, unless someone sends it over by international post. Bengali books are not that expensive, so probably it would take several times more than the price of a book to have it sent to me. Although very few books, and that too great books, that I would like to read, are available in Bengali on Kindle now, I hope this is going to change soon. 

English books are less expensive on Kindle than paper back editions. I hope more and more of the rare books are made available too, and the few typing errors that can be found yet, are also done away with. 

Kindle is simple and hardly any sort of rocket science technology. But it is soothing to the eyes, especially without the back light, and complete with the cover, it provides for a good reading experience. Well, the only other major difference is, you can drop a book many times over, or fall asleep on it without too much damage done, but don't try it with a Kindle. I am trying hard not to treat it as 'just another' book!

This is great for book lovers. The screen isn't glossy (I hate glossy screens!) and the battery lasts long enough. I am sure the future versions will make is easier to read pdf and word files too. But, what is most important is, it will keep rare languages alive. It has the extraordinary potential to provide reading material in any language anywhere on the globe. It would surely have taken this world several hundred years at least to provide books in every language everywhere on the planet. Now Kindle can make it possible sooner. I am excited about the future of Kindle, and the day when we can get books in so many languages at affordable prices. Imagine a world where entire libraries are available at your fingertips! Imagine a future, when students or not so well off people can buy a Kindle at affordable prices and pursue the reading habit, and consider it a good investment done!

※Thanks to my friend Abhilekh who introduced me to Kindle.