Monday, July 18, 2011

The Forgotten Bundle

Yesterday, when I was traveling, the bus stopped at a bus-stop and a young girl got in, went straight to the driver and asked if she could look for something she had left inside. She had forgotten a bundle when she had been on the bus on its previous trip to the station. She found her bundle and got off the bus after thanking the driver. Could this happen anywhere other than Japan? Could this happen in India in my lifetime?
※This was not the first time I experienced this type of incident. Such incidents make living in Japan a pleasant experience. I hope Japan holds on to such values till the end of time.

White Capped Bay

Typhoon will soon be visiting this part of the world according to the weather report. The inland sea looks an ominous gray-green in color with dark overhanging clouds. The gusty wind is making the waters quite choppy with white capped waves flitting over the surface of the water and crashing on the shore.

p.s. It is easier to walk with the wind pushing from behind (as long as it stays behind!).

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Congratulations Nadeshiko Japan!!

Admirable Japan stunned the US on penalties to win the FIFA Women's World Cup soccer tournament in Frankfurt this morning. Kumagai Saki's spot kick decided everything after a 2-2 draw at the end of extra time. This win is Japan's first and the first by an Asian team. Bravo! The new world champions have arrived!

This team was tough right from the word go. But to win finally, that brought tears of joy to millions of Japanese. Superb tournament! Well done!

It was not an easy way to the top.

The following heart warming Cinderella Story tells us how it happenned. Read on: