Sunday, May 22, 2011


Try to imagine a place sandwiched between the verdant hills and the sea with many islands of different shapes and sizes visible on the horizon. Imagine that you only need to pull away your curtains and look out of the window. The water is so clear you can see till the very bottom! At night the stars seem so near as if you can touch them if you just stretched an extra bit.

That's how this place looks. The sea is a sparkling emerald green on crystal clear sunny days. In the evening the water turns a silver blue and as the brilliant setting sun dips lower, the silver gives way to molten bronze. As dusk settles in and the night casts her dark veil, the twinkling stars appear like winking blue diamonds; while the fully lit up passing ships seem like treasure troves of colorful glittering precious gems on display. The moon comes up casting her copper colored beams on the black water. Slowly she changes to white as the contours of the scenery come alive when the night is still young.

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