Monday, March 2, 2009

A little 'color' in life

There were 3 packs of detergent. One in a blue pack, the other in a yellow one and another in a multi colored one. Users found that the one in the blue pack was too mild, whereas the one in the yellow pack was too harsh on the clothes. The remaining one was found to be good.

Actually, all the packs contained the same detergent!

That is how colors affect our lives! Personally, I have always opted to use detergent powder that is blue or white in color. When I have juice or soft drinks, I usually avoid blue colored drinks. It gives me a creepy feeling. I have never tried the blue colored Pepsi for one thing!

Note: I read this in a newspaper ages ago about a research conducted on how colors affect the way we think.


  1. Well, thats the 'Power of Perception!' Or is it the 'Colours of Perception?!'

  2. A long time ago, I read about music systems by Bose, Sony and Kenwood. Technologically speaking, Bose was the best, miles ahead of Sony, and Kenwood came after Sony. We are talking of the similar class of music players made by these different makers. Some people said they liked Sony better, some people said that listening to Bose was an ethereal experience that could not be matched by either Sony or Kenwood. The fact is, the human ear is not sensitive enough to make out the vast technological difference between these makers. We need highly sophisticated and sensitive instruments to make out the differences in sound quality between the music systems. So when we are chosing one over another, it reflects our personal choice, or prejudice, or rather the tinted glass through which we like to view our world!